Championship Qualifying 3rd Round - 26.5.18

The third and last qualifying round of the Club Championship was played on Saturday, 26th May, 2018, in warm sunshine but with a strong south east wind, and this was reflected in the scores submitted by the 51 entrants who took part.      The winner with an excellent score of 73(9)64 was Daniel Pringle, and he was followed by Les McAllister on a very good score of 69(3)66.     Scott Galloway with a score of 73(6)67 was third; fourth was Colin Finlay with a score of 69(1)68 (bih), who also recorded the lowest gross score, and in fifth place was Les Rutherford on 77(9)68.     Four players managed to record two’s at the nominated holes, with Greig Temple, Ewan MacFie and Jackson Cockburn managing this feat at the 9th, and Jocky Hume at the 18th.     All of these players picked up £5 for their sterling efforts.     The entry fee was £3, making a total of £153 from the 51 entrants; £125 was paid out in cash to the winners and £20 to the two’s winners, with £8 going to the contingency fund.     The winner of the Pollock Cup, presented to the player who recorded the lowest two nett score over the three competitions, was Iain Clark with an aggregate total of 134.

The qualifiers for the Club Championships were as follows:-

Qualifiers:     Iain Clark *;  Paul McVie *; Colin Finlay *;  Donald Ballantyne *;  Stephen Henderson;  Les McAllister;  Scott Galloway;  Daniel Pringle; Michael McVie;  John Hume;  Norman Roxburgh;  Grant Lightfoot;  William Macdonald; Michael Wood;  Rodney Pow;  Scott McDonald        Reserves:  Jim Rae; Les Rutherford; Chris Kemp; Alistair McVie   

‘B’ Class:      Thomas Bell *;  Thomas Andrew *;  Norman Purves *;  Ian Stephenson*;  Alan Kerr;  George Grant;  Gordon MacGregor;  Greig Temple;  Matthew Brass; Mitch Thomson;  Tim Ford;  David Heard;  David Heard, Jr;  Gary McShane;  Andrew Webster;  Robert Falconer           Reserves:   Andy Pickersgill;  Mark Easson;  David Main; Grant Gill 

‘C’ Class:     Tom Welsh *;   Robert J Wilson *;   Ian Wilkie;  Andy Raphael;   David Beveridge;  Alan Brown;  Dennie Smith;  Dante Brugnoni       Reserves:  Graeme Kerr          

* Donates Seeded Player