Xela Scaffolding Grouse Trophy - 14.4.18

The Xela Scaffolding Grouse Trophy was played on Saturday, 14th April, 2018, as a 3-man team competition and a total of 11 teams took part.    Two of the net scores from each of the players counted for the final score.     Conditions were very good and, although the course was wet underfoot, it was dry above ground, with a very light west wind.     On this occasion it was the aptly named 'Pie Eaters' team of John Coyle, Andrew Webster and Mitch Thomson who triumphed with a very good score of net 127, with the 'Numptie's' team of Gordon Inglis, Drew Reid and Paul McVie coming in second with a net 130.      The third team named 'The Ladyland Bandits' consisting of Jim Rae, Robert J Wilson and Gerald Beggs recorded a score of net 132.      Nearest-the-hole at the 9th/18th was Jocky Hume who managed to get his ball to stop on the green 150cm from the hole, and he was rewarded for this feat with a fine bottle of white wine.      Only two people managed to get an individual two at the 6th/15th hole, and these were Andrew Reid and Eric Middlemas who each received £10 for their efforts.     The entry fee was £15 per team, making a total of £165 from the 11 entrants; £135 was paid out in cash to the winners and £20 to the two’s winners, with £10 going to the contingency fund.