The D.A.Heard Cup - 5.5.18

The D.A. Heard Cup, sponsored by Heard Hamilton Financial Planning, was played on Saturday, 5th May, 2018, and a very good turnout of 47 members took part.     The weather was dry with sunny spells and a strong west wind.    With a very good net score of (75-10-65) the winner of the Cup was Daniel Pringle.     Second with a good score of (77-10-67)(bih), was John Coyle, and in third place, on the same net score of (80-13-67) was Mark Easson.     In fourth place, also on the same net score of (70-3-67), was Stephen Henderson.    Cash prizes of £40; £30; £20 and £10 respectively were paid to the winners.    Three players managed to get a hole in two at the nominated holes and these were Alistair McVie at the 6th, with Jackson Cockburn and Gordon MacGregor performing the same feat at the 18th, all receiving £7 for their efforts.     The entry fee was £3, making a total of £141 from the 47 entrants; £100 was paid out to the winners and £21 to the two’s winners, with £20 going to the contingency fund.