May Medal; Brown Cup; Championship Qualifying Round 2 - 18.5.19

The second of the Club Championship Qualifying Rounds, played along with the Monthly Medal & Brown Cup, also sponsored by Leven Suzuki Selkirk, was held on Saturday, 18th May, 2019.     Light rain showers plagued the golfers during most of the day, although thankfully very little wind.     The winner of the Monthly Medal with a score of 69(5)64 was Scott Galloway, closely followed in second place by John Coyle on 75(10)65; and in third place on 71(5)66(bih) was Rodney Pow.    Fourth prize went to Andrew Raphael on 85(19)66, and fifth to Paul McVie on 68(1)67, which was also the lowest scratch score.     Five players managed to record two’s at the nominated holes, with Ian Stephenson picking his up at the 6th, and Donald Ballantyne; Iain Clark; Colin Finlay and David Heard, Jr. managing to hole out in 2 at the 18th.     All of these lucky players picked up £5 for their valiant efforts. The entry fee was £3, making a total of £159 from the 53 entrants; £130 was paid out in cash to the winners and £25 to the two’s winners, making a contribution of £4 to the contingency fund.